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Caltanino Artista immergente

1965 Rome, Italy

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Caltanino (Artista immergente) wants to emphasize, through the diver, his symbolic sign, the necessity of facing life in full freedom, without any fear and without running away. 

He was born in Rome on July 7, 1965.

He began drawing when he was very young and, failing to attend an art school, he continued as a self-taught person and began to participate in the first group exhibitions with a fair response. Towards the age of 25 his  technical limits lead him to a block at his creative vein as he would have liked so he stops painting.

After 10 years of complete artistic inactivity pass he meets an old friend who, after the Academy, taught at a private art school "L'Altrarte". Caltanino goes back to the game by starting again  to study from the basics. After his  course of study that lasts 4 years, he decides that it is time to take his works out of the small art studio and starts participating to the first group exhibitions with some figurative works.
Around 2008 he begins to collaborate with Gard gallery in Rome and Eustachi gallery in Milan, also participating in an expedition of Italian artists in Germany "Artitaly" in 2012.
From 2015 to 2019 he successfully organizes 4 editions of "Che terrazzo di Mostra" an art exhibition event set up on the condominium terraces of characteristic districts of Rome, Garbatella and Testaccio.
In the meantime, his works have left any grip on reality to become completely abstract. In 2018 he creates a wall painting at the Maam Museum in Rome and it is from here that the new artistic project "Immersive Artist Dive" kicks off.
Al Maam he meets the art curator Velia Littera and immediately begins a beautiful collaboration with her with "pavart" gallery in Rome. In 2018 he participated to Rome Art week at the group exhibition "HOMING" organized in the Vascello Theater in Rome curated by Velia Littera and Carlo Gori. In 2019 he collaborates with other two projects "The rebirth of pam" curated by Carlo Gori and "Parola al tuffo" together with Ludovica Ferrario and Sara Poledrelli, both presented at the Macro Asilo Museum in Rome. In 2021, the current personal exhibition "Tuffo 2.0" at Pavart gallery in Rome and hebwill soon bebparticipating to "TerraArte" invited by the sculptor Sandro Scarmiglia to install one of his works immersed in nature, which will open on June 19 2021.

Works by Caltanino

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