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To Dream, to Collect


Giovanni Trimani

1974 Roma, Italy

3 Works exhibited

Current location

Rome, Italy

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Education: Giovanni Trimani began his professional career in 2007. The roots of his work, however, are to be found around 1987 when he had the luck  to meet Franco Giacchieri, a famous Roman artist. From the first oil paintings up to date, he has always placed his sign at the center of research, declining it both in painting and sculpture and in architectural design interventions.

Never satisfied, he has found the fuel of his creativity challenging himself continously. Although not coming from academic circles, his technique was refined with an exhausting practice accompanied by a daily and scrupulous didactic preparation. For Trimani, the continuous updating of his training is a fixed point of his work. From a careful analysis of his experience, he has tried to develop an aesthetic interpretation which is as universal as possibly shared. Human being, in the most noble definition, is the center of Trimani's art.


Nothing happens by chance and the most represented subject in recent years is the Chair, not framed as a still life, but as an in-depth research of Man. The Soul and its Inner Motions make Man a creature both divine and material, tragically involved in his bodily finiteness. However, Trimani does not want to be a censor but an attentive observer. The Chairs of Trimani are a succession of portraits inserted in a dreamlike space.

Acrylic is one of the pillars of Trimani's creativity, used on canvas and on heterogeneous surfaces, it stands out for the particularity of the color combinations. Playing on contrasts, Trimani elaborates a personal and balanced register. The other techniques (watercolor, inks and markers) used both individually and in combination, but always respecting a careful composition and balance of the respective characters, are flanked in a complex interplay of relationships.

In recent years Trimani has vigorously revived electro-welded iron sculpture, not with a simple reuse of pre-existing elements, but with a refined and complex processing of new profiles that make it a first-rate artistic technique.

The classical techniques, oil, watercolor, pastel, tempera marked the youth and the formative years. The lessons of the past masters left a very clear imprinting on his style. He has never refused teachings, but he always sought out a personal expression. The confrontation with his mentors hasn't been  a didactic monologue, but a crackling and surreal exchange of experiences. Today he resumes many researches and notions by renewing them in a contemporary and more mature style of painting and sculpture. The important and complex AssediA project currently represents a large part of his production.


More than words can images.

If you buy a beautiful thing,
do not ask yourself how much it will be worth in ten years,
instead, enjoy it every day

Giovanni Trimani

Works by Giovanni Trimani

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