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Hideaki Yamanobe

1964 Tokyo, Japan

5 Works exhibited

Current location

Köln, Tokyo and Düsseldorf

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1964 born in Tokyo 
1985-91 Studied at the State University of Fine Arts, Tokyo 1991-93 Study visit to Germany (scholarship holder of the Asahi Brewery Art Foundation, Tokyo) 
1993-94 Study of printmaking at the School of Design, Basel 

Hideaki Yamanobe, born in 1964 near Fukushima and living in Germany and Japan, is one of the important artists of the middle generation internationally. Committed to both Eastern and Western traditions, he quickly found a distinctive pictorial expression. The materiality of the works with their transparent, then opaque layers of color, mostly based on black and white - now and then on a strong English red - corresponds in many ways with spatial and atmospheric references. The atmospheric values and ideas of nature retain something indeterminate, the emotional content appears as if transferred inward, and one is repeatedly referred to the painting itself. Graphic elements, line drawings and incisions, lead to a rhythmization and formal consolidation. At times, especially in the works on paper, the representational element takes on greater weight. The genuine qualities reveal themselves in every format, whether in the miniatures or the large canvases. With the most economical means and on the basis of color restriction, which only makes the richness of nuance possible, pictorial solutions of great urgency are created. 


Selected solo and group exhibitions

2021 Podium Kunst e.V., Schramberg Castle (E) 
Gallery Dittmar, Berlin (E) 
2020 Gallery Biesenbach, Cologne (E) 
Gallery Friedrich Müller, Frankfurt am Main (E) 
Gallery Florian Trampler, Munich (E) 
Biesenbach Gallery, Cologne (G) 
Ogata, Paris (E) 
Biesenbach Gallery, Cologne (G) 
2019 Gallery Biesenbach, Cologne (E) 
Gallery Dittmar, Berlin (E) 
Biesenbach Gallery, Cologne (G) 
2018 Biesenbach Gallery, Cologne (G) 
HLP Gallery, Wesseling (E) 
Friedrich Müller Gallery, Frankfurt am Main (E) 
2017 Gallery Biesenbach, Cologne (E) 
Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg (E) 
Dittmar Gallery, Berlin (E) 
Neuer Kunstverein Gießen (G) 
2016 Biesenbach Gallery, Cologne (G)
2016 Gallery Dittmar, Berlin (E) 
Friedrich Müller Gallery, Frankfurt am Main (E) 
2015 Biesenbach Gallery, Cologne (G) 
2014 Gallery Biesenbach, Cologne (E)Gallery Biesenbach, Cologne (G) 
Gallery Dittmar, Berlin (E) 
Friedrich Müller Gallery, Frankfurt am Main (E) 
2013 Gallery Dittmar, Berlin (E) 
Gallery Florian Trampler, Munich (E) 
Gallery Arthea, Mannheim (G) 
Biesenbach Gallery, Cologne (G) 
2012 Marburger Kunstverein, Marburg (E) 
Gallery Friedrich Müller, Frankfurt am Main (E) 
Wesner Gallery, Constance (E) 
Gallery Biesenbach, Cologne (E) 
2010 Randegg Castle, Gottmadingen (G) 
Art Association Nördlingen (G) 
2009 Marburg Art Association, Marburg (G) 
Japan Art - Gallery Friedrich Müller, Frankfurt am Main (E) 
2008 Residence Gallery Salzburg (G) 
Art Association Museum Schloss Morsbroich, Leverkusen (E) 
2007 Jos Art Gallery, Amsterdam (G) 
Museum Zündorfer Wehrturm, Cologne (E) 
2005 Kunstraum 21, Cologne (E) 
Japan Art - Gallery Friedrich Müller, Frankfurt am Main (E) 
Tokyo National University Museum, Tokyo (G) 
2004 The Tokyo University Art Museum, Tokyo (G) 
Art Gallery Mannheim (G) 
2003 Kunstraum 21, Cologne (E) 
2002 Kunsthalle Mannheim (G) 
Japan Art - Gallery Friedrich Müller, Frankfurt am Main (E) 
2001 Kunstraum 21, Cologne (E) 
1999 Japan Art - Gallery Friedrich Müller, Frankfurt am Main (E) 
Japan Art - Gallery Friedrich Müller, Frankfurt am Main (E) 
1998 Kunstverein Hochrhein, Villa Berberich, Bad Säckingen (E) 
1997 Art Award of the Sparkasse Karlsruhe (G) 
Art Association Gundelfingen, Freiburg (E) 
Salon de Printemps, Luxembourg (G)


Selected public and private collections 

Andaz, Toranomon Hills, Tokyo 
Daiwa Bank, Osaka 
Ernst Wilhelm Nay Foundation, Cologne 
Pola Art Foundation, Tokyo 
Savings Bank Ravensburg 
Municipal Museums, Heilbronn 
The University Art Museum, Tokyo 
Collection Stéphane Biesenbach 
Private collections in Germany, France, Switzerland. Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, USA

Works by Hideaki Yamanobe

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