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Julie Condat

1998 United States

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"The colors go with this idea of sensitive porosity. Often cold for spaces, like aquatic, liquid gestures, like fluids.

And warm for the bodies which spring from all this, in confused features or sometimes more dryly deposited, like raw, raw or simply alive.

The bodies are dressed in transparency, naked like that, in the middle of the city. For tenderly vulnerable, revealed, and passionate. "

Born in 1998, Julie Condat is currently a student at ENSAPC. Her artistic practice revolves around painting and writing.

Having grown up in the Parisian suburbs, she has always been lulled by atmospheres where crowds and solitude melt and merge: clusters through which she saw the light sweating.

It is naturally that her attention has been drawn to moments of everyday life, moments of latency, of hollow where nothing happens but where all fall into a deep silence.

She paints scenes that seem derisory.

Moments where reverie, abandonment and boredom are invited.

Moments that she defines as intimate, where glances are lost in the void, where we embrace modestly.

The question of the memory takes a lot of place in her work.

Taking hostage the memory of every Man, they are for Julie Condat the pretext of a floating painting. The characters are between absence and presence.

As a memory is distorted, reconstructed, forgotten, before reminding us. Between fantasy and reality.

Works by Julie Condat

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