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Berit Louise

1981 Norway

3 Works exhibited

Current location

Oslo, Norway

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  • About the Artist

Her work is about how she sees life, all aspects of it are from her point of view.

She collects all the impressions of her environment, experiences, beliefs and relationships, they are in conversation with memories and expressions she has.

She wants to find some kind of meaning of events and time and create a sense of chance.

She believes everything and everyone is connected in some way, we are the result of someone or something else happening or having happened.

It is in these thoughts that she paints. The colors, strokes and movements are in constant flux and in a conversation in the making, influenced by the state of the world, the changing seasons and the passing of time.

She carries everything with her in the works she creates. It is the dynamism of all the notions she embodies that she hopes to offer a fragment of to the viewer.

She is Sami and her upbringing in the Sami culture taught her to value nature, the subconscious and the spirituality of the world.

The way life was handled and the impressions of everyday life are very much with her.

Her works often begin with visual impressions that she has photographed, these images allow her to remember what she was looking at that made her think of something she wants to keep in mind.

Whether it's a feeling, an event, a composition, a color or a light.

She stores it in a cloud and pulls it out to look at when she starts a project.

When she works, she is in her own thoughts, it becomes a text, a painting or a sculpture.

She often has invented an understanding of the expression she wants to come out with, or at least a desire for what she wants to achieve.

Along the way, this often changes, perhaps it doesn't match what she had planned, and she has to make changes to her expressions.

She then uses some time to get used to the new creation that emerges during the hours she works on the piece so that the final result makes sense.

Lately, Berit Louise has been working on unprepared canvases.

This is because she has realized that she has less control over the paint, that it flows and spreads as she pleases, that it becomes a battle for space and she finds the process intriguing.

She also uses text along the way, these writings are emotions that arise in the form of words.

Her writing is part of her work and she alternates between how she uses it, sometimes she writes it directly on the canvas or and other times she uses it for titles.

She feels like she is part of a conversation and has a lot of momentum to include the painting, so it becomes an abundance of visual information.

Works by Berit Louise

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