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To Dream, to Collect


Nicolas Pillard

1974 United States

1 Works exhibited

Current location

Marseille, France

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There is this scene where Fellini's Casanova tries to escape on a sea of ​​plastic .
It's a scene of storm when the boat rides breaking waves, the characters are sprayed.
Everything is moving, the fugitive and his pursuers swaying, caught in a tangle of waves.
Everything moves, but nothing actually shifts places. This is a motionless hunt in an artificial landscape. A storm in a shed, on this fragment of Venetian lagoon that looks like a bin liner.
It is a game of gesticulation, which in many ways is the one I am trying to stage : a derisive ballet dancing.
Also, the gleaming and creased surface animated by a fan, stands for something else than a raging sea. They are scumless waves which repeat a regular swelling, breathing. The allusion to the sea is a pretext, the scheme highlights the show. Like a broom turned into a horse for a child. Could a mimetic object obey with as much flexibility, the scenario of the game?
The symbolic object shifts shapes, the horse can become a rifle in a few seconds...
When, for one of my first sculptures, I drove a stone in corrugated iron, the idea was to make an island. But a piece of corrugated iron as a field of waves, really... the more I look at it, the more I find it aerial, a kind of mineral bat.
In painting and drawing, there is such control that we must find protocols to put in the unexpected, an accident. We must find means to be jostled by a shape and pay attention to what it demands .
As soon as one builds something, more flagrantly, the material has a say .
One has to politely ask it what it wants, like Louis Kahn did to the brick.
Right now, I ask stones, pieces of wood, tiles, blocks, pieces of flower pots, pieces of plaster pad... After having painted the idea of ​​wild dumping of rubbish, I 'm going there to pick up things.
I 'm getting closer and closer

Nicolas Pilard, Marseille, 2014.

Vue d'exposition Nicolas Pilard. Galerie MGE, Paris, 2013 (Photo N. Pilard).

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