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Päivi Häkkinen


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After spending 20 years with sculpture, Päivi Häkkinen started drawing after a personal crisis and loss. Drawing evoked a kind of coercion and, on the other hand, restrictions imposed by the practice. Doing so made it easier to deal with events and helped keep the restless mind under control for a moment. Also, drawing was more ephemeral than carving and could be done at home in quarantine. Over the course of the year, this sea captain's daughter worked almost maniacally, mostly at night, and completed over a thousand works.

Since then, the worlds and moods of Häkkinen's sculptures and installations have also shifted to drawings. The mixed media works using chalk, acrylic, watercolor and wood colors convey visions of the deep blood of the original mind and absurd worldview. Häkkinen combines high and popular culture and mixes marginality with salon fitness. In the content, the heavy meets the light. As the artist himself said, "I see the world as a tragic and comic series of coincidences, in which art does not help order or reason, but it makes it easier to handle, it is easier to question. "

Häkkinen's brave drawings are psychological portraits and dissertations on the human mind. The characters are inspired by the surrounding world and its events, but also by literature, history (of art) and mythology. The suffering of the Virgin of Vesta is mixed with that of the artist as she surrenders to fate. The Oracle looks to the future with a horrified look on her face. In Corrida, the creature tries to fight larger opponents with pathetic horns, but the look says he won't give up even if there is no chance of winning. During the conspiracy theories, the world is full of cheating characters like Fraud and Puppet. In the midst of crises and misinformation, many do not keep their heads together (Fly, Flicker). The lullaby (Lullaby) has become a parody jitterbug.

The drawings are harsh and mischievous images of a person and perhaps a kind of self-portrait. Or should I say caricatures? The expressive characters are thrown into the world, collected in the streets and in dreams. Häkkinen does not use the model at all. In the world of these expressive and brutal, almost crude works, the ghosts of everyday life haunt in fused harmony with imaginative characters. Disasters, death masks, mothers-in-law, martyrs, hawks, witch hunters and Oedipus complexes raise the blood pressure.

Päivi Häkkinen graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts as a master of fine arts and sculptor in 2002, after which her large human-like sculptural figures have been widely exhibited in various exhibitions in Finland and abroad. His works belong to several Finnish museums and state art collections as well as to private collections.

A versatile artist often works with different methods. Häkkinen became known as a sculptor, but recently his work has increasingly focused on painting and drawing. Häkkinen's work has alternated between private exhibitions and collaborations with other artists and groups. Exhibition venues have ranged from galleries and contemporary art scenes to alternative environments and urban spaces where art communicates in the midst of people's daily lives and celebrations.

"Don't joke, because you can reveal something of the futility of everything." - Jean Cocteau

Written by critic Sami Nissinen (SARV, The Finnish Critics' Association)


Works by Päivi Häkkinen

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