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Sandro Scarmiglia

1964 Rome, Italy

3 Works exhibited

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Sandro Scarmiglia was born in Rome on 12/12/1964 and graduated in painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 1990. In the same year, he begins his collaboration as an assistant designer for television programs on Rai and Fininvest. With the same qualification in 1996, he landed in cinema with the film “LUNA E L’ALTRA” by M. Nichetti. As a scenographer he collaborates to the realization of great events and conventions, later he signs scenes and costumes for theatrical performances including Hard Love by M. Lerner directed by Roberto Silvestri and Aria Nova by Pierpaolo Palladino with the direction of B. Maccallini. With A.m.r.e.f. and Dulcimer he participates to a humanitarian project project for poor children in Nairobi organizing the show “Mgona mtaani” which debuts in Italy at Umbria jazz in 2009. Parallel to his professional career as a scenographer, he has always kept alive his deep interest for plastic research, finally arriving to sculpture.

"The main feature of the sculpture is its “multisense”, where the tactile element finds its expressiveness in the relationship between form, surface and environment. In my work, it translates into elementary materiality. At first glance, it is evident that I am inspired by primordial art but in specific, I don’t know to which I belong. So I ask to myself: where does the border between abstraction and empathy of forms begins? Every time I try to create a plastic-shaped work, I say to myself: “simple, pure, and essential!” In fact, in my forms I recognize myself and I find a great satisfaction only when “I take away” as much as possible. Yes! Organic forms with the characteristic of “never closed containers”, blisters, tubes, tubers that contain, but also expand breaths. Ever changing Sprouts, cavities that build sounds, and maybe, one day they will be able to compose melodies. When I think of these forms, I am not interested in sculpture as a unique object by itself, but able to stand among others: in a Group, in a Community. I live side by side with my forms in my studio where I work and every time I change their place, and the whole habitat changes again, the way of relating within it, is transformed, the dialogues diverge between the various forms, endlessly playing as a continuous change of roles...
Sometimes in my installations, there is a different figure from the others, partly autonomous and someway enigmatic and the other figures are placed in a choral semicircle, as to suggest perplexity, curiosity and in the same way the willingness to welcome. Will it ever be possible? Everything is still in progress!"

1992 “Graffiti”, Galleria Cantine del Piccolo, Roma
1994 “Pinturas”, Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes, Bahia Blanca, Argentina
1996 “Tafelbilder”, Literaturhaus Einzenbergerhof, Salisburgo, Austria
1998 “Sandro Scarmiglia” (curated by Teresa Zambrotta), Galleria “Centro Luigi di Sarro”, Roma
2001 “Oltremare”, art instalment c/o Massardi-Secci Studio
2019 “Mud Mood” (cureted by Velia Littera) Pavart art gallery Roma
2019 “Mud Mood da Jos” Giardini di Jos Blera (VT)
1989 “Le 25 ore”, Milan, I
1992 “Messaggi”, Galleria In trastevere, Rome, I
“Cantieri”, Palazzo Valentini, Rome, I
“Cantieri 2", Galleria C.R.A.C., Roma
1993 “Rivolta e creazione”, Villa Florio, Grottaferrata, Rome, I
“Rivolta e creazione”, Cantina del Piccolo Gallery, Rome, I
“Magazzini”, Galleria C.R.A.C., Roma
1995 “Bilder und Skulpturem”, Italian Exibition, Pro Arte Gallery, Halle, Austria
1996 “20 Artists”, Palazzo Farnese, Ortona (Pescara)
1997 “Alba” (curated by Patrizia Ferri) Palazzo Ducale, Camerino, Macerata
1998 “Arte orafa e Arte Contemporanea a confronto”, curated by C.Sorrentino e Medici, SALA 1, Roma
“Venti d’artista”, a cura di C. Sorrentino e P. De Medici, Gilda on the Beach, Fregene, Rome
“Diramazioni”, a cura di B. Tosi, in collaboration with the Artistic Center L. di Sarro and Tuscania Municipality
1999 “Art-Rebirthing”, live art events by Graziano Visconti (PC)
“L’arte contemporanea per nuovi approdi costruttivi” curated by B. Martuscello, Comune Candela (FG)
“Corpo di Guardia” curated by Paolo Balmas, Bazzano (BO)
2003 “Fons Vitae” curated by E.Paloscia, Pitigliano (GR)
“Fons Vitae” curated by E.Paloscia, Natural reserve of Decima, Malafede Roma
2018 “Artisti a Palazzo” palazzo Lattanzi Blera (VT)
2019 “30 aristi a Palazzo Lattanzi” Blera (VT)
“Homing.12 nidi d’autore ” a cura di Carlo Gori e Velia Littera.Teatro Vascello and Pavart Art Gallery, Roma
2020 “Segno di Artisti -Poeti di scena” curated by Bruno Amalfitano and Laura Lupi -Scuderie Aldobrandini, Frascati

Works by Sandro Scarmiglia

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