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Thomas Durel


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Lyon, France

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Thomas Durel is a young French artist, a graduate of the Beaux-arts de Paris, who now lives and works in Lyon.

He was selected for Jeune Création at the Centquatre, Paris, and has also had solo exhibitions entitled Summertime at Mapra Lyon, and All right, good night, at the Datta gallery, Lyon.

Whether in 2 or 3 dimensions, the artist's works are always based on paradoxes, seeking to bring together contradictory notions, constantly navigating between formalism and narration, the facetious and the serious, the familiar and the disturbing, the noble and the derisory. Deeply rooted in today's issues, they are also very inspired by Pop Art, Minimalism, and all the great artistic movements of the 60s and 70s.

On the Strip Landscape series:

In his treatise De Pictura, written in 1435, the Florentine humanist Alberti, imagines painting as "An open window through which to view history."

Thomas Durel initiated his Strip Landscape series, in 2015 on the occasion of a solo exhibition at Mapra, Lyon, entitled Summertime. It continues to this day.

These works, both object and image, invite us to relive the bewitching monotony of the landscape observed from the window of a car on the highway. They also speak to us, in hollow, of our sometimes morbid fascination for speed.

They also evoke the virtual images fixed briefly and daily on our screens, and confront them with the image meticulously painted on the windows found in car wrecks or on websites selling second-hand objects. These relics are those of cars that punctuated the artist's imagination when he was a child.

Finally, this work evokes, with humor, the adventure of abstract painting, divided between geometry and expressionism, because, if there is gestuality, the effects of matter are, in the working process, skilfully contained between masking tapes and annihilated by the glass wall.

Contrary to a traditional way of painting, it is paradoxically, once the painting is presented on its reverse side, the first layer of paint is essentially visible and determining for the success of the work.

Works by Thomas Durel

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