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Anita, Lady Fen, Welney Discover the best available selection of photographs by the artist Richard Heeps. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness!
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Anita, Lady Fen, Welney, 1993

From the series A View of the Fens from the Car with Wings


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Bleach Box, Cambridge

Signed Dated Titled Framed


77 x 60 x 5 cm
30.31 x 24 x 1.97 in






Photography , Multiples


  • About the work

Anita, Lady Fen from Richard Heeps' series A View of the Fens from the Car with Wings.

Project Brief : In the late nineteen-sixties, my father used to drive the whole family to the Fens north of Cambridge every Sunday afternoon. These outings in the car became a pilgrimage of sorts: a journey to another land. There was no direction or intent to the different routes that we journeyed along, we were simply responding to the landscape; exploring what seemed exciting at the moment.

We called these weekly excursions “Fen Hunting” as we noticed over time a wide variety of unusual landscape features. We were looking for things that broke the vast horizon: the shrinkage of Fenland peat and Bog Oaks, scarecrows, and the subsidence of houses cracking and exposing the foundations.

From the confines of the car, the world was framed for our view. We felt as though the car was leading the way, taking us here and there through some desire or instinct of it’s own. We went along for the ride with a spirit of curiosity and adventure. When the car stopped, we would step out and experience the magnificent views, no longer restricted by the frames of the windows. At night, the car became a ship that safely contained us and carried us back across the Fenland Sea.

Looking back, these early, aimless drives may have been the start of my photographic apprenticeship. When my father left the car to take photographs, I sat in the back creating imaginary images of my own. Since then, I have returned to the Fens with my camera for many different projects, but I always seem to take pictures from the position of being contained in my own car (one very similar to my father’s) as I had done as a child.

While the Fens may have changed over the years, my own experience of them has been one of unbroken continuity. I have been, and still am, exploring the unique fabric of the place from within the Car with Wings.

About the Artists

1965 Cambridge, United Kingdom

"Richard Heeps’ seductive, highly saturated colours and sophisticated pictorial structures demonstrate a true love and  empathy for his subject matter - be it cool descriptive interiors, still  life or landscape. His distinctive style pushes the limits of lens- based photography without the need for digital manipulation."

Although I was brought up in East Anglia, I was heavily influenced by America, I visited American bases, I kept magazine cuttings and I followed drag racing. The speed, lifestyle and technicolour is reflected in my imagery. "American" colour is a major aspect to my work, it drives my equipment and material choices. 

At the age of ten I began participating in Art Shows and became comfortable with showing my work and the praise and criticism which is part of an artists development. In my early paintings Manhattan was a reoccurring theme, I was fascinated with New York.

In my professional career I have been lucky enough to exhibit my work in Museums and Public Galleries since the 1980's. These days I travel exhibiting at International Art Fairs and I still enjoy connecting with my audience, I am driven to create something and see how people respond to it and how they connect to it.

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About the Gallery


Cambridge, 2 Springfield Road

Bleach Box is a specialist gallery working with artists who exploit and experiment with film based photography and traditional printing techniques to create challenging images. Established in 2008 in Cambridge, they participate in Art Fairs Worldwide and their artists work is part of many international collections....

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