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Volevo essere Superman


Single piece Signed Framed


70 x 80 x 3 cm
27.56 x 32 x 1.18 in







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«Every man therefore has a secret identity, hidden behind the mask; a true self that struggles to emerge and that almost always suffocates and agonizes behind the conventions that ourselves and the society propose and impose». In this thought by Pirandello, I see the reason why Trappolini wanted to be Superman. The superhero is in each one of us, but often life and conventions impose a mask dictated by behaviour patterns imposed by family, institutions, school, and society. Perhaps this is exactly the artist’s message, to find within us the strength to be ourselves and take off our mask, even if this involves the risk of becoming vulnerable and naked. The infinite and exclusive diversity of each individual dictated by his personal history can surely create a united world made of so many uniqueness. In an era that tends to massify individuals from birth to make them format consumers imposed by fashions and trends, dictated by induced communication, there is a need to rediscover the uniqueness of one’s inner self, not being afraid to consider oneself unique and different.
Superman is the founder of all superheroes but, unlike those who succeeded him, his real identity is to be special, while his everyday identity is his mask. The artist in fact dedicates this exhibition to all the people of the world, because each of them has its superpower inside, you just need to look for it...

Stefano Trappolini has a great gift, over being a great artist; he is a great orator and also a bit philosopher! He is used to speak to young people since many years being a teacher, and his great sensitivity toward others, makes his Trap Art able to transmit. Through his works, which are made of pure energy, equal to an electric shock, Trappolini always highlights the MAN. Within his canvases, rich in colours, material and informal brushstrokes there is always his indelible sign, the shape, which represents the thousand facades of which man is made of, the many wonderful personalities that makes the richness of humanity. Every human being has something special inside, every person can become a superhero or be a superhero to someone not even knowing it and without even realizing of having a superpower.

1964 Rome, Italy

Stefano Trappolini was born in 1964 and graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1990, painting section. His research is mainly focused on painting and video-art. Since 1992 he has been teaching art of photography and cinematography at the Art High school in Pomezia. The research of the symbol is constant in Stefano Trappolini’s art which he investigates through materia and colour. The symbol is by its nature the result of a chosen sign, realized through a pictorial gesture, the dialogue becomes the container of a spark of an idea: the concept. Studying the entire production of Trappolini, we can immediately notice how the symbol identifies itself in a figurative recognizability, with the intention of showing its primordial nature. So in this process of searching the truth, painting becomes an extension of the artist’s thought through materia, colour and light, his mean of investigation. It is through the specific artwork that the artist narrates his research as a speech through which the ardor and the curious pain of who is ready to unhinge rules, on investigating the bowels, in order to reach the awareness of having touched, also for a moment only, the shape of the pure symbol: the balance. The artist’s process of research is accompanied and accompanies our journey of investigation through light, constant in all his works; A light that guides the dialogue, the inner light that is strengthened in becoming the light of intellect. The light that guides the hand and the look of an artist who wants to see “beyond” wants to “enter”. For this reason the shape abandons its cliché and walks: on the canvas, on the cards, on the wood; it pierces its support and tells sections of contemporaneity, splits of life.

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Roma, Via Giuseppe Dezza, 6b

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